In 1952, most agencies didn’t have PR teams. So we built one.

In 1997, most agencies didn’t maintain databases. So we learned how.

In 2005, most agencies didn’t do digital work in-house. We’ve done it ever since.


We’re archer malmo. And we are not most agencies.

What we are is a strategic brain, a creative soul, and an independent spirit, wired for adaptation in a culture that never stops demanding it. Our strength is our ability to help growing brands* evolve both digitally and creatively to compete with bigger (and smaller) rivals. We’re also pretty good at ping pong.

*By which we mean “mid-size brands.” By which we mean “not Coke and Microsoft.” (Sorry, Coke and Microsoft.)



With nearly 200 talented Memphis and Austinites, our in-house capabilities span the breadth of strategic planning, creative, digital, PR, media, and production services. In other words, we specialize in everything, because we want to be able to solve anything.

  • Account Services

  • Planning Services

  • Creative Services

  • Digital Services

  • Media Services

  • PR Services

  • Production Services


  • AgLaunch

    AgLaunch (2017)

  • Gold’s Gym Express

    Gold’s Gym Express (Former Client)

  • Pizza Ranch

    Pizza Ranch
    (Former Client)

  • Dwyer

    Dwyer (Former Client)

  • Massage Envy

    Massage Envy
    (Former Client)

  • Crunch Fitness

    Crunch Fitness (2017)

  • GAP Connections

    GAP Connections (2016)

  • Local Seed Company

    Local Seed Company (2017)

  • Cytozyme

    Cytozyme (2017)

  • National Sorghum Producers

    National Sorghum Producers (2015)

  • Simpas

    Simpas (2017)

  • T.A. Seeds

    T.A. Seeds

  • Dulaney Seed

    Dulaney Seed

  • Indigo

    Indigo (2015)

  • The Cotton Board

    The Cotton Board (2015)

  • Long Center

    Long Center (2017)

  • Capital Farm Credit

    Capital Farm Credit (2017)

  • Thomas & Betts

    Thomas & Betts (2017)

  • International Paper

    International Paper (1997)

  • Kestra

    Kestra (2013)

  • NationsHearing

    NationsHearing (2017)

  • Smile Doctors

    Smile Doctors (2017)

  • Stoller

    Stoller (2015)

  • Delaware North

    Delaware North (2009)

  • Juice PLUS+

    Juice PLUS+ (2010)

  • Zoetis

    Zoetis (2011)

  • Implus

    Implus (2016)

  • Massage Heights

    Massage Heights (2017)

  • Valent U.S.A.

    Valent U.S.A. (2001)

  • Palm Beach Tan

    Palm Beach Tan (2004)

  • RAI

    RAI (1987)


We work hard to maintain a low-ego culture of collaboration and experimentation. It’s one reason our dual-office team of nearly 200 has made us a regular fixture on the Ad Age “Best Places to Work” list, as well as the Inc. 5000 “List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.”

  • Russ Williams

    Russ Williams


    Fearless leader. Numbers junkie. Mr. Transparency. Plays the ball down.

  • Ken Rohman

    Ken Rohman

    Chief Digital Officer

    Human hype machine. Lifelong Cubs victim. Middle name: ROI.

  • Gary Backaus

    Gary Backaus

    Chief Creative & Strategy Officer

    Former Jr Art Director. Bass & backup vocals. Best vegan chef you know.

  • Mary Lynn Gratzer

    Mary Lynn Gratzer

    SVP, Director of Client Services, Memphis

    Part strategist. Part psychologist. All optimist. Favorite yoga pose: Brand Warrior.

  • Tom Barzizza

    Tom Barzizza

    President, Retail Marketing Group

    The Reverend of Retail. Call-to-actionmeister. Closer. Wonders if the logo should be bigger.

  • Jay Cooper

    Jay Cooper

    SVP, Group Account Director

    Archer Malmo lifer. Good listener. Trout bum. Once got fired. By his wife.

  • Simon Hjorth

    Simon Hjorth

    SVP, Director of Client Services, Austin

    Global business and marketing leader. International ping-pong sensation. Fluent in six languages. Which is six more than most people.

  • Patricia Emory-Walker

    Patricia Emory-Walker

    SVP, Group Account Director

    Former SCUBA diver. Former kickboxer. Former rock climber. Former brunette. Will (clearly) try anything once.

  • Mike Butler

    Mike Butler

    SVP, Group Account Director

    Proverbial rainmaker. Champion dog trainer. Has forgotten more about Ag than most folks know.

  • Beverly Mattingly

    Beverly Mattingly

    SVP, Group Account Director

    The Bobby Fischer of problem-solving. The LeBron James of PowerPoint. The Beverly Mattingly of salsa dancing. (She’s wicked good.)

  • Fred Nichols

    Fred Nichols

    VP, Account Director

    Big idea guy. Knows Ag like the back of his hand. His cracked, weathered, literally-operated-a-real-soybean-farm-for-like-12-years hand.

  • Rob Hoerter

    Rob Hoerter

    VP, Account Director

    Expertise: Sports, food, tourism. Hobbies: Sports, food, tourism. Owns a helmet for every NFL franchise. Specializes in franchise marketing. Weird, right?

  • Wally Rose

    Wally Rose

    SVP, Executive Creative Director, Memphis

    Mix equal parts confessor and conductor. Add a splash of cheerleader. Shake things up. Serve chilled. Garnish with soccer ball.

  • Matt Rand

    Matt Rand

    VP, Executive Creative Director, Austin

    Texan. Creative/technology line-blurrer. Owns power tools. Not afraid to use them.

  • Gokben Yamandag

    Gokben Yamandag

    SVP, Digital Strategy & Analysis

    Lover of the tight strategy. Master of the parallel park. Has lived and worked in New York, London and Istanbul (Not Constantinople).

  • Colin Gilligan

    Colin Gilligan

    VP, Media & Planning, Austin

    Infomaniac. Data grinder. Chews up market research, spits out brand opportunities.

  • Robby Grant

    Robby Grant

    VP, Development & Technology

    Understands the difference between UX and UI. Can explain if you want. Only guy you know who’s played Red Rocks. Unless you know Bono or something.

  • Gorkem Yamandag

    Gorkem Yamandag

    VP, Digital Project Management & Production

    Got a deadline? He meets it. Got a problem? He solves it. Got an extra Grizzlies ticket? He uses it.

  • Trish Swope

    Trish Swope

    Director, HR

    Seamstress of culture. Tailor of teamwork. Lover of sewing metaphors. Puts the “H” in HR.

  • Les Edwards

    Les Edwards

    VP, Chief Financial Officer

    Natural born counter. Balance sheet wrangler. Acoustic motorbike jockey. Whatever that is.

  • Martha Hample

    Martha Hample

    SVP, Director of Operations

    Agency secret weapon. Perpetual productivity machine. Sees the glass as half full. Tops the glass off with wine.