It’s both a treat and a challenge to work with an established global brand that has a passionate, enthusiastic network of sales partners and a strong customer base. But every company hits growth and retention plateaus, and sometimes the solutions can be both more fundamental and less drastic than we’d expect.

For instance (and as a segue), it has become easy to overlook email’s potential as a brand experience touchpoint and as a means of solidifying communication and growing business.

Background: A Company on a Mission

Our client, The Juice Plus+ Company, wanted to further their mission of Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World through their unique hybrid of direct sales and e-commerce. When they decided to consolidate their global business and set out on an ambitious growth path, we were their agency partner for CRM.

The client had already identified several areas for self-improvement to help them reach their goals, including better experiences for their two key audiences:

  1. The network of partners who sell the company’s products
  2. Their end customers

Challenge: Moving Parts, Multiple Systems

Those experiences encompassed not only the products themselves but also disparate websites, social media, online and offline communities, and individual partner-customer relationships — a ton of moving parts!

Taking a step back, we noted that there was an enormous opportunity to use email as the central brand experience communication touchpoint for their audiences of almost one million people. After all, the client had an email address for every customer and partner, and we’d already helped them establish deliverability rates of 98%–99%. 

It’s easy to dismiss email as unsexy, old-school. We know! But, bottom line:

  • No other existing company touchpoint had that scale and potential impact for relationship building
  • Emails from corporate to partners help ensure product messaging and foster partner success
  • Emails from corporate to end customers help protect the brand’s reputation, build a direct relationship between the brand and its end customers, and support the partner connection by including their dynamic contact information on all corporate emails
Left: The Juice Plus+ Company’s products deliver plant-based nutrition in concentrated forms and are at the heart of the company’s mission to inspire and empower healthy living worldwide. Right: Email communications form a key part of a consistent, high-quality brand experience for sales partners and end customers.

Beginning with an audit of the current state globally, we found:

  • Emails were being triggered from three separate systems
  • Four different email service providers being used
  • There was little consistency in what each key audience would receive, both within a country and between countries

Approach & Solution

Now we were on a mission of our own: Harmonizing a high-quality brand experience, which happens to be one of our favorite tunes. We knew it would be important to account for regional differences in language, imagery, product availability and cultural norms in execution, but we also agreed to prioritize laying a strong, consistent foundation for the brand experience.

Toward that end, we proposed and outlined a robust CRM program for their partner and end customer audiences, including transactional messages, life cycle programs and complex journeys.

In mapping the existing customer and partner experiences, we identified gaps and opportunities to enhance communications. Workshops with sales and marketing stakeholders gave us additional insights into where we could align brand goals and consumer desires.

The company sells its core products on an ongoing subscription basis, so preventing cancellation is the most basic part of improving customer retention. Working from insight and research around why customers cancel their subscriptions, we created specific pieces of content to anticipate and counteract these drivers — in other words, to create and support a better experience for better customer retention. To deliver that content, we crafted a new customer email welcome program with dynamic content including country, language, the purchased product mix and where the customer was in their journey.

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All we needed was the technology and data infrastructure to power our vision so we could bring it to life. We architected the business unit structure for their global marketing platform (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) to serve regional needs. We also collaborated closely with their IT team to map out data fields and data flow and integration with existing systems, including their legacy proprietary partner databases and their newer customer database.

With approval on the strategy, our team got to work. Initial and ongoing tasks included:

  • Developing the content to support all the programs
  • Designing the emails
  • Implementing each piece into the marketing platform
  • QAing the emails
  • Executing all deployments
  • Maintaining the programs and troubleshooting issues
  • Analyzing performance and recommending optimizations to keep improving performance


Once up and running, this CRM program transformed the client’s haphazard, incomplete communications into:

  • 34 strategic email programs to support the customer and partner experiences and customer retention
  • 33+ million emails per year
  • Executed in 27 countries and 17 languages
  • Deployed from one (1!) centralized system

If this piece were in one of our email programs, we’d know whether you prefer text or video. Since it isn’t, we’re including both. Enjoy!

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