At Archer Malmo, agriculture is in our DNA. Since 2016, our Ag team has had the unique opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of the agriculture industry by way of our agency’s very own farm Archer Acre. With the help of our friends and partners at Agricenter International, we’ve not only grown a variety of crops from corn, soybeans and cotton, to tomatoes, peppers, popcorn and peanuts but we’ve also gotten a firsthand look at how crops are raised and how our clients’ products perform. 

Now that Archer Acre has nearly four years under its belt, we decided to take it up a notch with a new goal in mind: Project 300 our own yield quest to grow 300 bushels of corn per acre (bu/A). For perspective, out of 7,200 national entries in the 2019 National Corn Growers Association contest, only 130 of those farmers eclipsed 300 bu/A. 

So, you could say Project 300 is a lofty goal. But what marketer doesn’t like a good challenge?

Even though our entire agency has been WFH since March, the Ag team has been able to sneak out of our own respective houses to visit Archer Acre and check on the progress of Project 300 – while maintaining six feet of proper social distance, of course. 

Special thanks to our fantastic partners involved in Archer Acre and Project 300 – including Agricenter International, Yara North America, Perry Galloway and AgriGold Seed. 

Our corn will be harvested in September. Follow along with us at @archeracre on Twitter and Instagram as we attempt to reap the cream of the crop.