Commuting in Austin is a problem.

We’ve chosen to be part of the solution by teaming up with local nonprofit Movability.

We just moved our Austin office into the downtown area, just a few blocks from the Texas Capitol. This was an exciting move for us. But as we prepared to move in, we couldn’t help feeling guilty about bringing over 25 new cars into the already congested area. 

Lucky for us, we’re a digital marketing agency. Coming up with innovative new solutions to business problems is kind of our thing.

We didn’t have to whiteboard long. Austin has some great resources for finding alternative commuting options. Enter Movability.

Movability is a local nonprofit that helps employers develop and implement custom mobility plans. With their help, we were able to go from 100% car drivers to only 37% who drive to work. Now, you may see us walking, biking, busing or scootering to and fro. Birds Scooters even came by and gave us some test rides. 

To honor this effort to improve mobility downtown, we were invited to breakfast with the mayor, where he presented us with an award for making the 2020 Best Workplaces for Commuters list. Thanks Steve Adler!

And KXAN featured us in a story. Check it out!