In this new age of advertising, creative content reigns supreme. If you haven’t realized that by now, you’d better ask somebody. Because the thing that generates brand love more than anything else these days is rich, rewarding content — be it online, at a special event, in a store or at a trade show.

For evidence of this trend, look no further than The 2020 local American Advertising Awards in Memphis. Digital content ruled the day, headlined by several short- and long-format videos created by our in-house teams at Archer Malmo. Add to that the event itself, themed “Creative is Queen” — with live content organized, written and staged by still other members of our shop.

Of course, a picture is still worth a thousand words, which means you can tell an equally compelling story with a single image or illustration — one that forms an emotional connection and sets a tone for your brand. And this year’s American Advertising Awards judges seemed to agree.

For a taste of the work that took home 33 awards and 5 Best of Show awards, see below.

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