How well does your brand hold up in a crisis?

Answer these five simple questions to determine whether your crisis management strategy is COVID-19 ready.

Regardless of size, many brands are unprepared. Beyond the obvious activities such as updating website content and generating notifications and emails to customers, a wait and see attitude often becomes the accepted crisis protocol. So what can businesses be doing to ensure they weather this storm and come out the other side of this experience with their business intact and their brand equity strong?

Based on the current trajectory of COVID-19 spread, it is not a matter of if but when this disease will impact your brand’s reputation. The time is now to act and consider your company’s risk and appropriate response.

Answer these questions to get started:

  • Have you thought about what your brand would do if an employee and/or customer contracted COVID-19?

  • Even though you may have closed your office and/or field location(s), did you know that based on the incubation and shedding period of the virus, you’ll still need to alert anyone who was potentially exposed to the infected person two or maybe three weeks prior from the first day of symptoms (not diagnosis)?

  • What type of internal/external communication would you enact if a team member and/or customer was diagnosed with COVID-19?

  • Is there a media spokesperson and/or protocol in place in case a reporter contacts the company?

  • Is there a way your brand can show up and provide community support to mitigate COVID-19 spread?

Need support in answering these questions or putting a plan in place, email us. We’d be happy to help.