Our passion for agriculture just keeps growing.

With so many of our clients in the agriculture industry, we wanted to get our hands dirty to gain a deeper understanding of the business of growing our nation’s crops. 

So in 2017, we established our own farm at Agricenter International. A farm that’s become its own brand within our agency. A farm we call Archer Acre. 

At Archer Acre, we grow more than 10 different crops, including corn, cotton, melons and tomatoes. Maybe you read about our recently established Project 300? It’s the challenge we set for ourselves to grow 300 bushels of corn per acre (bu/A).  

It’s a lofty goal, but one that’s empowered by nights like the one we had at 2020’s National NAMA Awards Ceremony. 

We’re proud to announce that our creative work brought home four first-place awards and one merit award. While most agencies may win multiple awards for a single Ag client, we were the only agency to win First Place awards for four separate clients: The Cotton Board, AMVAC, Agricenter International and Archer Acre.

Here’s some of the work that was recognized: