Veterinarians are people, too.

Tap into relevant consumer media strategies for a creative, integrated, human-first approach to B2B clients.

As a creative agency, our goal is to appeal to consumers on an emotional level that resonates in a persuasive way. For B2B clients, like our animal pharma partners, marketers can lose sight of the fact that businesses don’t make decisions. People do.

That’s why we pride ourselves on taking a creative approach to everything — including targeting B2B audiences. We strive to do more than what’s typically been done in this category: run some print and banner ads in trade channels, sponsor a couple of conferences, and if you’re feeling really forward-thinking, throw in a few e-newsletter sponsorships. Right?

That’s not digital-first thinking. Or even human-first thinking. Which is what we’re about.

With the sophistication of targeting in today’s world, we push our clients to go beyond the traditional mindset of ‘the most impressions for your buck’ and focus on ‘the optimal reach and frequency’ for the right audience.

For our veterinarian clients, we know this niche audience is just over 55,000*, so our goal is to strategically and creatively reach the largest percentage of this audience as possible with a high frequency and with as few wasted impressions as possible.

Here’s our approach:

  • Meet them where they are: We focus on the end user, which in the case of vets is: humans. Vets also scroll through Facebook and Instagram when they’re bored. They search on Google and binge-watch shows on Hulu. Many veterinarians are active on social to connect with shelters and rescue groups. They follow thought leaders in their category. So, we think, are there first or third-party data points to reach them on social or connected TV? And if pets are their business, how pet-forward is the creative?
  • Tap into owned channels: We don’t assume campaigns are always paid media, so we work from an integrated mindset. How can our clients leverage their owned channels (email, for example) with additional frequency in other channels? Especially with today’s heightened focus on data privacy and regulation, building and utilizing that first-party data is crucial.
  • Consider the overall context: Retargeting is a common strategy in B2C, so why shouldn’t B2B publishers expand their digital reach. For example, if we’re promoting heartworm medication, we can reach veterinarians who have read articles related to heartworm treatment or about competitor products. It can be the most efficient way to tap your audience in a contextual space.
  • Create the perfect storm: Because budgets never live up to your fantasies, strategic prioritization becomes critical. Our creative is designed for high engagement, low CPMs PLUS high impact CPM tactics (such as trade) to form the perfect recipe for boosting brand awareness at an optimal frequency.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. We wouldn’t be a creative agency if that was our goal.
Our focus is on helping our clients find unconventional ways to maximize their media budgets.

Because agency partners are people, too.

* Source: AVMA Market Research 2018