Pets have permeated the culture at Archer Malmo for as long as we can remember. You’ll always find several wagging tails in our office, and we’ve picked up a thing or two about animal health along the way, too. 

Working with our client Virbac, a global animal health pharmaceutical company, has awarded us the opportunity to use our passion for pets to fuel award-winning campaigns for several products. Our work has long educated other pet owners on the products needed for their pets to live happy and healthy lives. 

This year, Archer Malmo took home three VETTY Awards for integrated marketing campaigns supporting Virbac’s C.E.T. Brand Products portfolio, MOVOFLEX Advanced Soft Chews and VETERINARY HPM Spay & Neuter Diets. The VETTY Awards are annually hosted by the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) and annually recognize the best advertising, design, digital, experiential and public relations campaigns in animal health. 

Pet owners want the best for their pets, and veterinary healthcare teams want to feel empowered in making product recommendations. Here’s where Archer Malmo came in — creating engaging campaigns that informed, inspired and motivated action.

Pet Smiles Shine Brighter with C.E.T. Brand Products

Our B2B campaign centered around the theme that pet smiles will “shine brighter” with Virbac’s dental portfolio’s simple three-step Brush, Bite, Bowl routine: toothbrushing, dental chews and bites, and a dental solution added to a pet’s water bowl. Incorporating print, media and digital tactics, this campaign aided in an annual 13% sales lift for the portfolio in 2022.

MOVOFLEX Advanced Soft Chews Help Dogs Advance Gracefully

As dogs advance in age, it’s important to incorporate a joint supplement that helps keep them moving forward through every stage of life. We created a launch campaign for MOVOFLEX Advanced Chews that employed the creative theme for dogs to “advance gracefully,” with imagery featuring dogs of all sizes and ages. With tactics to reach both veterinary professionals and pet owners, the product was immensely successful entering the market in Q4.

VETERINARY HPM Pet Nutrition Introduces Tailored Nutrition for Spayed & Neutered Pets

Myths are made to be busted, and that’s just what we set out to do with the B2B campaign for VETERINARY HPM Pet Nutrition, a pet food tailored specifically to the dietary needs of spayed and neutered pets. Our creative incorporated the “censor bar” over pets’ privates, with messaging that what happens here obviously changes their body, so a change in their diet should naturally follow. Just one of the many tactics employed was an informative video that gained a little over 1.3 million views in Q2 alone.

These awards only confirm that when passion is poured into work for great products, great results happen. Archer Malmo has been recognized with 45 VETTY Awards in several categories since the program’s inception in 2017.