If you’ve clicked onto this article in hopes of discovering the secret formula for creating and sustaining a highly successful B2B marketing campaign, congratulations. Your leap of faith is about to be rewarded.

The best way to reach and form a connection with anyone in a B2B category starts with simply recognizing that each of these individuals respond to the same sets of stimuli as the rest of us. They’re all just people, each with unique interests.

We recognized that long ago, and now Forrester has finally recognized that we seem to know what we’re talking about. They recently named Archer Malmo as one of the top agency partners in its report highlighting North American B2B agencies.

The report covers 39 of the leaders in B2B marketing and cites Archer Malmo’s top three capabilities as 1) communication strategy; 2) technology, operations and MarTech management; and 3) creative strategy.

Our clients would likely agree with Forrester’s assessment, as we’ve used our capabilities and category insights to create integrated campaigns for a wide range of B2B categories.

See how we helped build a platform for independent financial advisors to change their identity and capture an outrageous number of qualified leads through relevant content.

Find out how we used our client’s own customers to create a campaign in the agriculture sector that pulled 50% higher click-thru rates than industry norms.

Check out the sales kits that launched a completely new paper line brand and inspired an entire product category.

To dig a little deeper into how we help B2B brands create more meaningful relationships with their audiences, let us know that you’re interested.