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The moist snuff category is highly competitive. Grizzly’s primary competition Copenhagen is a brand with a hundred-year head start and steeped in tradition. While public touchpoints for the category are confined to a cluttered, retail environment where cans are out or reach behind the counter. For a product sold mostly in convenience stores there is nothing convenient about its on-site marketing. So the challenge was how do you garner attention, consideration, trial and engagement with all those headwinds? And meaningfully differentiate your brand from the competition as well?


The puck-like can is iconic — the basic size and shape unchanged for generations. And it’s always kept close at hand by consumers. You can tell a dedicated “dipper” by the can shaped circle worn through on his back pocket. This ubiquity was an opportunity. Turn the can in their hand into a central touchpoint. Let it be the tip of the spear for the brand — not just interrupting the ritual retail purchase experience but disrupting the category overall, and differentiating Grizzly from our staid, traditional competition. In other words, let’s shake things up and make some really bad ass cans.


The introduction of limited edition and specialty cans has been a success. Each new design creates impact at retail but also acts a catalyst for buzz and conversation amongst dippers on social. A medium in which paid advertising is restricted for the category. A single consumer generated video of the Grizzly Big Can has garnered over 4 Million views to date. The cans also serve as a linchpin in a broader brand strategy to drive deeper engagement with the brand online. In our Fishin With a Mission promo, 42% of consumers who purchased a “Reel” can also visited And amongst competitive consumers 30% who planned to purchase their normal brand entering the store instead purchased Grizzly.

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