Grizzly Outdoor Corps — How embracing a cause moved a brand forward without leaving an audience behind.


More than ever, consumers care about the values and causes behind the brands they buy. But how does a lifestyle brand in a traditionally conservative category take an environmental (and potentially political) stance without alienating its core, let alone winning their support?


The Grizzly Outdoors Corps was born in 2013 with one mission -- to help conserve outdoor resources for future generations. Not by hugging trees or waving protest signs. But by celebrating the real-life results of habitat conservation -- more fish, bigger trophies, and enduring outdoor traditions.


“Habitat Conservation For All The Right Reasons” struck a chord. At 140,000 members, GOC has evolved from cause-marketing program to cornerstone brand platform, funding projects, promoting awareness, hosting Expeditions, and dramatically increasing brand relevance among new, core and competitive audiences.

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Jay Cooper

Jay Cooper

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