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Four Inches to Creative Breakthrough: Mobile & Other #AWNewYork Topics – Part 1

By Laura Messer Jackson
October 27, 2016

At the end of September, I got to attend Advertising Week, which took place in New York City. And, the name is not misleading. It was an entire week of pavement pounding and note-taking. The venues were all centered around Times Square. There is already so much intensity swirling around there, that it seems almost comical for an event that covers as much ground as Advertising Week to take place in the neon-popping center of the world’s center. It’s impossible to keep up.

I decided to prioritize if there was any hope of me coming out of the week with some tangible takeaways.

Advertising Week categorizes the top three trends that came out of the week as diversity, millennials and the future of technology. I definitely agree. Those three topics were present everywhere during the week, in all sorts of different contexts. But, from my perspective, I went into the conference with some blinders on. As a copywriter, I wanted some takeaways that focused on the creative team, but since I knew I’d be sharing my experience with the entire agency, I was ready to glean some insights that mattered to other teams, as well.

My Biggest Takeaways

  1. Mobile Is an Imperative
  2. A Diverse Culture Makes the Agency
  3. Media and Creativity Need More Collaboration
  4. Insightful Data Matters

There were definitely some standout seminars. “Creating Connections That Count” laid out the three areas that we all need to improve on in order to make the most of mobile advertising capabilities: creative, measurement and culture. A session with UCB Comedy was not only hilarious, but also reminded the audience of how important it is to stay positive and aware when solving problems. I attended a block of events that focused on women in the industry and got to hear a lot of industry people willingly admit that there is a real and urgent need for progressive action to place more women in leadership positions, fight systemic bias in the industry and find ways to appeal more authentically to diverse consumers. It was awesome to see such transparency and dedication to progress.

And, as is true for most conferences, I also found myself in a handful of heavily branded seminars that didn’t offer many useful insights. But, even the narrowest of events offered a few takeaways, with some even laddering up to the primary themes of the entire week.

Stay tuned for my second blog post, where I’ll dive into the details of my takeaways.

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