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Takeaways from Collision, Part 2: Culture Is King

By Mario Van Gastel
June 17, 2016

After extolling the virtues of humility in thought leadership in our first takeaway from Collision, here is the second in a three-part series of notes from “the anti-CES” (USA Today).

Culture Is King

Over the past decade, data has swiftly expanded beyond the tech scene into terrain previously dominated by creativity, such as the ad industry. Programmatic advertising is a perfect example of data replacing creativity. At Collision, Nick Rappolt, CEO of London-based agency Beyond, articulated the popular notion that the data invasion has led to a culture clash between design and analytical thinking. While in many boardrooms data has edged out creativity, most ad folks (agency and client-side) would probably agree that both mindsets are required for optimal results. Whereas data is often instrumental in defining the question, creativity is often better at answering it. So how can we bridge the data vs. creativity divide?

Through culture, according to Rappolt. Better questions and answers result from empowering employees, encouraging serendipitous interactions, and blending creative and analytical teams (involving, say, the former in data analysis and the latter in brainstorms). Moreover, as companies who put a premium on culture know, having a great company culture is simply good business. Archer Malmo CEO Russ Williams agrees.

Stay tuned for our third takeaway from Collision: The Internet Gets Emotional.

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