Feline Revolution — Why did 60,000 pet owners choose to start engaging a mature brand without any changes to the product?

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Keeping a mature brand like Feline Revolution fresh and relevant for a new generation of pet owners is more than a challenge, it’s actually a bit of a puzzle. If we wanted to form a trusted relationship with millennials, we knew it would be important to allow them to build confidence in the brand on their own terms before looking to their veterinarians for a recommendation.


We let curious millennials solve the puzzle themselves, with a gamified online quiz that entertained cat owners while driving them to request the parasite protection product from their vets during clinic visits. All the while, we employed an owner-focused social campaign to build trust in the brand and demonstrate that we understand the relationship people have with their feline friends.


Both cats and their people wanted to know more. Over 20,000 cat owners opted in to an email campaign, while the online quiz game racked up nearly 60,000 interactions. Overall, web traffic was up 104% and social engagement was through the roof.

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