Sileo — Blowing past first quarter sales goals was just the start for this new product launch.

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When Zoetis set out to alleviate canine noise anxiety with the release of Sileo in 2017, few people fully understood the pain pooches feel when assaulted by loud noises. Even fewer knew that a pharmaceutical remedy was an option for relief. Faced with a small window to gain serious market traction, we needed to come out with a bang, albeit a soothing one.


Building on the insight that most pet owners misidentified a dog in distress as having “bad behavior,” we played the sympathy card in brand messaging and built awareness with message placement triggered by events known to create noise anxiety in dogs — thunderstorms, holidays with fireworks, etc. — and supported that messaging with interactive educational materials in clinics and online.


A happy client sales team exceed their first quarter launch sales goals. And visits to the product website outpaced benchmarks of previous product launches. All told, Sileo was the most successful product launch for Zoetis in all of 2017.

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