VEGGIEDENT FR3SH — With a fresh approach and a million connections, a new brand is born.


There’s nothing fresh about the idea of doggy dental chews. So, if you’re going to launch a new product in that category, you’d better find a new, more interesting way to talk about it. When Virbac asked Archer Malmo to help launch VEGGIEDENT FR3SH, we immediately turned to Facebook and Instagram as the perfect platforms to make our case. But how would we create new brand buzz?


In a social media landscape littered with cute dog photos and silly pet memes, we knew we needed to slow the scroll of an audience bent on constant consumption. That’s why we tapped Mr. Squeakums – a dog toy with stank breath on the brain – to make an urgent plea on behalf of dog toys everywhere.


Ahh, the sweet smell of success. In the first two months of the launch, VEGGIEDENT FR3SH outpaced Virbac’s previous best selling chew by 85%, as we were able to target and connect with 1.2 million pet owners via social media and rack up over 200,000 views of Mr. Squeakums doing his thing on YouTube -- with a view rate that beat benchmarks by a whopping 64%.

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