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To say that the tanning industry has faced a few challenges in recent years would be a bit of an understatement. Growing concerns about UV exposure, a core audience with shrinking discretionary dollars and a hundred other factors were chipping away at the entire category. So in order to reverse the trend, we needed to evolve the image of tanning and make Palm Beach Tan a more relevant, sophisticated and attractive brand.


Step one was to escape from the trap of always leading with price. Instead we laddered up to a more emotional benefit – that feeling good about your appearance gives you the confidence to be a better you — and we reframed the category from stereotypical tanning to belong more in the beauty and fashion category. The lynchpin of this new direction was the positioning line “A better shade of you.”


With an integrated, data-driven, fast and agile approach that allowed us to reach potential customers through the right channels, at a time when they are most receptive to our message, we were able to achieve a 55% increase in monthly member activity, a 400% increase in member lifetime value and a 600% increase in spend per member, all while reducing concerns and creating a stronger association with cosmetics.

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Tom Barzizza

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