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A “Better” Way to Reach Ranchers

See how we helped Capital Farm Credit reach more ranchers looking for agricultural land and operating loans.

Client: Capital Farm Credit


Capital Farm Credit needed to increase the number of qualified users reaching their website — those likely to download an application for the agricultural land and operating loans Capital Farm Credit provides.


We built a new brand platform around the message, “Together We’re Better,” to communicate the cooperative spirit of Capital Farm Credit and leverage their unique selling proposition. We applied this theme across internal and external communications, including digital, print, trade shows, and events.

Next, we shifted the marketing mix to reach a refined target audience through narrowly defined DMAs like livestock associations and cattle ranchers. With digital ads on Facebook and paid search leveraging our new creative to drive audiences to tailored landing pages, we generated meaningful results.


82% Increase in loan application intent
78% More contact form submissions
61% More loan application downloads
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Capital Farm Credit billboard featuring 3 men in a field

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