Two farmers standing in a field in front of an irrigation system

Leaving A Legacy of Safety

Archer Malmo is partnering with Agricenter International to keep farm workers safe on the job with this celebrated safety program.

Client: Agricenter International


The world’s greatest profession is also one of the most dangerous. On average, 250 farmworkers are seriously injured or killed on the job every day. To reduce the high rate of preventable farm injuries and deaths, Agricenter International created a free safety program to educate farmworkers about proper safety procedures, techniques, and protocols. They came to us to help them brand their new safety program and develop a digital campaign that would encourage industry stakeholders to complete its safety training modules.


The name Farm Safe was chosen to serve both as a program name and a call to action. Users who complete the program are offered official Farm Safe certification from Agricultural International, the ag hub of the Mid-South, and a leader in agricultural education, research, and innovation.


17,000 Website Visitors
1/3rd of Tennessee’s Ag Community reached

This feels big, and should make a big impact on our agricultural community.

Bill Lee
Tennessee Governor
Farm Safe Tractor Maintenance
Farm Safe advertisement showing farmer working on irrigation system
Farm Safe Tractor Repair
Farm Safe Tractor Repair
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