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Rebuilding Email Communications for Juice Plus+®

The Juice Plus+® Company wanted to embark on an ambitious growth plan — but first, they needed to make some improvements. So we transformed their haphazard email communications into dynamic, organized campaigns designed to support the customer journey and provide a consistent brand experience.

Client: The Juice Plus+ Company


When Juice Plus+ wanted to take their business to the next level, they knew they first had to provide a better experience for their two key audiences: their independent partner network and their end customers.

Our audit revealed a complex array of sources generating customer-facing content, including three separate systems triggering emails through four different email service providers. Across the Juice Plus+ global network, there was little consistency in what each audience would receive in terms of design and content — even within countries. Additionally, disparate email systems created challenges for performance tracking and analysis, data management and email compliance. In short, we had our work cut out for us.


We found an enormous opportunity for Juice Plus+ to use email as a central brand experience communication touch point for their audience of nearly one million people. As it turns out, Juice Plus+ had email addresses for every customer and partner (and nearly all of them were good). No other existing company touch point had the same scale and potential impact for building and maintaining these critical relationships.

Archer Malmo mapped the legacy customer and partner experiences across multiple email systems, identifying gaps and opportunities to enhance communications.

We created new content to support a better customer experience and helped migrate the Juice Plus+ databases to a single global marketing platform. From there, we structured 34 organized, strategic email campaigns. Each provides a high-quality, consistent brand experience while adjusting for regional differences in language, imagery, product availability and cultural norms.

With our help, Juice Plus+ has delivered branded email experiences that set their partners on a path to success and drive customer retention.


33M+ emails deployed annually
1M people reached in 27 countries and 17 languages
98%+ deliverability rate

I would recommend the team at Archer Malmo to any business that wants to improve their relationships with clients and internal stakeholders. Email isn’t new, but when you stop using it for ad hoc messages and turn it into a centralized, strategic communications tool, it has the power to transform your business. It certainly did that for Juice Plus+.

Meredith Martin
Vice President, North American Marketing
The Juice Plus+ Company

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