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Overcoming Misperceptions to Build Market Share

Medtronic needed to quickly overcome misperceptions about their product to build market share before competing products hit the market. We helped them shift the conversation and find new points of entry.

Client: Medtronic


According to an article on chronic pain in the April 2021 issue of PAIN, over 20% of U.S. adults experience chronic pain. Though Medtronic was the market leader in targeted drug delivery (TDD) for chronic pain management, they needed to communicate use earlier in a patient’s pain care journey and build trust and loyalty with HCPs.

Standing in their way was the misperception that TDD therapy is too complicated and risky for all but the most severe chronic pain cases. Because TDD systems are implanted by surgery and require ongoing maintenance, many physicians did not view them as an option of first resort.


We decided to shift the conversation. We reframed the competitive set for Medtronic’s TDD to include all chronic pain treatments, including oral opioids. This broadened our market and created an opportunity to highlight the potential benefits of considering TDD earlier in a patient’s treatment journey. We also targeted younger physicians who are more open to new technologies.

To get the most value from our budget, we used a digitally driven campaign, including display banner ad placements in professional e-newsletters, paid search and paid social.

We also employed geofencing around industry conferences to reach a niche audience of pain management physicians. That allowed us to deliver simple, strategic messages to physicians as they learned about new pain management solutions and technologies.

Our campaign exceeded bench mark metrics in every channel, continuously reaching new users and guiding them toward the consideration phase.


84% of landing page traffic driven by media campaign placements
96% of new site visitors driven by campaign’s geofencing

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