Reaching a New Audience for Rural Living and Recreational Land Loans

When Capital Farm Credit needed to increase awareness of their rural living and recreational land loans, we helped generate interest and leads.

Client: Capital Farm Credit


Capital Farm Credit was looking for new growth opportunities. Our research revealed they had not aggressively targeted the market for recreational and rural living loans — even though it is a highly profitable and growing segment.

Farmers and ranchers know Capital Farm Credit as a go-to source for securing loans for agricultural land and operating expenses. But less well known are its loan programs to finance land for rural living and recreational purposes. These loans help Americans realize their dreams of owning land and enjoying the freedoms of an outdoor lifestyle in their own backyard. 

We knew that there was a need for this type of loan and that Capital Farm Credit could offer unique value over other lenders. Unfortunately, not many people outside of the ag community knew these loans existed. Amid unprecedented movement from urban to rural areas, how could we let more would-be rural landowners know about Capital Farm Credit? 


Armed with our insights, we helped Farm Credit achieve its desired growth by tapping into the recreational and rural living loan market and treating it like a core category, not just a bonus category. 

To generate awareness and conversions, we targeted audiences interested in outdoor recreation and real estate over six months in mid-2020. We ran a highly successful campaign that surpassed all expectations using paid search, YouTube, and Facebook.

Our campaign images illustrated the outdoor recreation opportunities and rural lifestyle of people’s dreams. Campaign messages prompted them to take action and trust a lending partner who understands their local rural market better than anyone. 

We also had room to leverage the unique selling proposition of a lender that is also a nonprofit co-operative, offering profit sharing to its member-owners. The added value of receiving a dividend check at year-end was a key selling point we needed to communicate to loan shoppers. The entire campaign laddered up nicely to Farm Credit’s overarching brand tagline: “Together We’re Better.”


62K unique users to the site
2.05% loan application conversion rate
1,275 click-to-calls from the site

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