Cartoon dog from Cerenia campaign

Boosting Sales by Drawing Awareness to a Little-Known Pet Problem

Zoetis came to us for help increasing sales of their Cerenia® (maropitant citrate) pet medication. Armed with an insight, we created an adorable, aptly-named mascot to educate vets and pet owners about a little-known pet problem: motion sickness.

Client: Zoetis


Did you know that 1 in 5 dogs suffer from motion sickness? We didn’t. But, more importantly, neither did most vets. While Cerenia was already well-established in vet clinics to manage upset stomachs due to chronic illness, it was not well-known for the use and prevention of motion sickness. In fact, motion sickness in dogs was poorly understood and underdiagnosed.

We knew if we could increase awareness about this common issue (and our solution), we could boost sales. But how do you create new awareness for an existing product that treats an old problem?


Armed with the knowledge that approximately 20% of all dogs experience motion sickness, we set out to help pet parents understand the signs and source of upset pet tummies. Once dog owners were aware of the problem, we knew they would seek a solution. And vets, if educated about it, would prescribe Cerenia.

Enter Ralph, the cutest, sweetest, most adorable motion-induced-vomit-suffering mascot of all time. Aided by branded swag with attention-getting messages like “Don’t let Ralph happen,” Ralph charmed his way into pet lovers’ hearts. In less than a year, Ralph dramatically boosted awareness and sales of Cerenia among vets and dog owners alike. Good boy, Ralph.


47% increase in website traffic
15K+ video view conversions
88% of vets surveyed expressed intent to use and prescribe Cerenia

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