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Few agencies understand multi-unit, multi-market retail. We do.

Archer Malmo approaches retail differently from other agencies — as a true business partner. We know our way around a P&L report and understand concepts like lifetime value, customer acquisition and retention, same-store sales growth, door swings and brand compliance. We think, act, react and hold ourselves accountable like a team of entrepreneurs with deep marketing expertise. Because that’s what we are.

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How Archer Malmo Does Retail _______

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Building Brands From Consumer Insights

Archer Malmo builds and transforms brands that are focused on expansion. Our brand development is fueled by consumer insights and backed by careful research and testing — which is how we have repeatedly created exponential growth for our clients.

Scalable Multi-Unit Marketing Solutions

A brand identity is only as good as its expression. Local stores need to deliver personalized experiences while maintaining brand compliance. We cascade the brand's messaging and design elements throughout the organization with centralized processes and content management systems. This approach translates to more consistent, more efficient marketing that solves real business problems.

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360° Retail Expertise

Archer Malmo has spent decades navigating the unique challenges of multi-unit retail relationships. Collectively, we’ve spent as much time on the franchisor, franchisee, corporate and local sides as we have on the agency side of things. We understand the business from every angle.
Along the way, we’ve implemented plans in thousands of retail locations in alignment with corporate-level strategies and local-level realities. We’re uniquely suited to help multi-unit retail brands with the opportunities and challenges they face daily at the brand, market and store levels.

Focusing on Metrics That Move the Needle

We know every day matters — that any day of underperformance is a day we can’t get back. That’s why we develop real-time dashboards to help all parties make data-driven decisions that lead to business results. If you are looking for a partner obsessed with analytics and ROI at every level, you’ve found it in Archer Malmo.

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What Clients Say ____

Archer Malmo turned our CRM efforts at Palm Beach Tan into a powerful, unified program across all customer touch points. Their strategic insights have made a real difference for our business.

Diane Lucas

CEO and President, Palm Beach Tan

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How Do You Drive Growth for a Multi-Unit Retail Brand Across Markets?

When Smile Doctors wanted efficient, effective advertising across 150 locations — each facing unique challenges — we created a tailored approach that could be executed at scale. Our efforts improved cost per conversion by 49% and ROAS by 118%.

Archer Malmo named first place by Best of NAMA
Drive In-Store Retail Traffic by Turning Customer Advocates Into Brand Ambassadors

See how we helped the nation’s largest indoor tanning brand identify its most passionate customers and turn them into social media influencers. In Q1 2020, our ambassador-produced content generated 64K engagements and ~1M impressions. How can you create a similar program?

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How To Bring Your Retail Brand to Life on Social Media — and Deliver Real Business Value

See how we used customer life cycle analysis, content strategy and authentic expression to help Palm Beach Tan change perceptions, deepen loyalty, broaden their reach and increase store traffic.

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Great Brand Stories Get to the Emotional Core of Your Brand

When Smile Doctors wanted to continue their growth trajectory without competing solely on price, they asked us to help reposition their brand. The insights we uncovered allowed us to tap into their brand’s emotional appeal.

Let’s Talk. _______

Tom Barzizza

Principal, President, Archer Malmo Retail

Tom brings multiple perspectives to retail brand challenges. He's worked for a multi-unit retailer, been the agency of record for numerous multi-unit retail brands and has owned and operated multiple franchise units himself. Because of his unique breadth of experience, Tom knows retail like no one else in the region — perhaps even in the nation. It also explains why he's more than just a marketing partner; he's a holistic business counselor who can guide multi-unit retail brands through all the unique challenges they face on a daily basis.

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