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A Unified Strategy Massages Better ROAS

See how we fixed this brand's disjointed marketing efforts with a unified digital media strategy — reducing costs and improving UX in the process.

Client: Massage Heights


Massage Heights offered franchisees protected development territories — but not protected marketing zones. With 134 locations, there were overlapping service areas in markets with multiple franchise owners. Additionally, operators in overlapping ZIP codes were executing media plans with limited communication between each other or corporate.

Disjointed efforts led potential customers to individual stores’ landing pages without allowing them to view other nearby locations. It resulted in highly inefficient use of media dollars and agency resources, driving up costs for all locations.


We employed a unified, data-driven approach to targeting entire markets that eliminated audience overlap and afforded Massage Heights prospects the flexibility to choose locations on market landing pages. The result was a more relevant and rewarding experience for the customer and a dramatic reduction in cost per lead (CPL) and cost per booked appointment for Massage Heights.

Additionally, by defining qualified leads and determining optimal CPL, we applied the rate at which in-store guests converted to members, and the lifetime value of an individual member, to the number of qualified leads we drove. This allowed us to measure cost per customer and ROAS, a first for the organization.


Up to 7x ROAS with paid search ads
Up to 8x ROAS with Facebook and Instagram ads
61% increase in prospects YOY

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