Two young women with tanned skin

Reinventing a Brand To Thrive in a New Category

Faced with multiple challenges, we helped Palm Beach Tan® reinvent itself as a vibrant, culturally relevant beauty brand, increasing both spend per member and member lifetime value multiple times over.

Client: Palm Beach Tan


Palm Beach Tan needed to evolve the perception of tanning so they could stop competing on price, increase their margins and start growing.


We reframed the brand and elevated it into the beauty and fashion category. The brand refresh hinged on the positioning line “A better shade of you,” which taps into an emotional benefit. It’s the idea that feeling good about your appearance gives you the confidence to be your best self.

Powered by a new content strategy and a data-driven integrated marketing approach, Palm Beach Tan emerged fresh, sophisticated, vibrant and relevant. New brand visuals evoke authenticity, relying on natural photography and contemporary design elements, carefully avoiding tanning clichés. Customers reacted positively to the new brand, which translated to real results in the salons.

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