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Using Social Media to Gain Relevance Amid Cultural Shifts

When cultural shifts threatened Palm Beach Tan’s bottom line, they needed a solid strategy to connect their revamped brand with new audiences — and turn them into customers.

Client: Palm Beach Tan®


Cultural shifts threatened Palm Beach Tan’s bottom line. After reframing the brand to elevate it from dated perceptions of tanning, we still had to connect Palm Beach Tan with its target audiences. That meant turning non-tanners into Palm Beach Tan customers. We needed to translate the brand’s new message into content strategy in support of their objectives.


Palm Beach Tan’s new brand positioning, “A better shade of you,” gave us a head start by focusing on the emotional benefits of tanning and aligning the brand with other beauty solutions. We had to convey that message on social media and bring it to life.

We knew if Palm Beach Tan was to connect with customers — especially millennials and Gen Z — authenticity was paramount. Our translation of the brand positioning was inclusive and designed to meet prospects where they are.

Our research revealed that most people don’t tan because they don’t know how to do it, and they’re uncertain about how the results might look. We overcame those barriers with educational content. Using funnel-based sequential advertising, we served prospects a series of three ads starting with a lesser-known benefit of tanning, then a “before and after” image showing those benefits, followed by an offer or promotion.

We measured the impact of our social media strategy across multiple areas and confirmed significant results. Because of its effectiveness, we have expanded our use of this tactic for Palm Beach Tan.


24% lower cost per acquired customer
62% increase in website traffic YoY
4 point lift in brand favorability (8 point lift for ages 25-34)
3 examples of Palm Beach Tan instagram posts
3 examples of Palm Beach Tan instagram posts

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